Let’s dispense with the niceties here. I am 47, married, a stay at home mom , with a husband and twin old boys all of 5…that should provide enough material on which to wax poetic or gripe unmercilessly.

But we all need more than that don’t we?

On this blog you can expect commentary on issues serious (and not so serious), from parenting to menopause, work, husbands , children, school, extracuriculars, aging parents, hot flashes and a sweet doddery pug who poops at random. Usually in the playroom. Usually on the boys Legos.

Oh lord another mummy blog? Not so. I hope with a bit of humor, a glass of wine and some European flair, I can deliver a fresh perspective to many of our concerns as we careen ahead in full speed fabulous mode.

While a beautiful scarf and great lipstick often save the day, I have yet to perfect how to pull off a sexy nighty with cotton socks on, feet drenched in Vaseline and reading glasses perched on my nose, with a hope that I can see the book I am trying to read.

Me, motherhood, wifedom, friendship. It is a glorious work in progress and one I hope you will share…


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