How to be a Disney Cruise Mummy Warrior, or Not!


Our first port of call

A Disney cruise is a fabulous experience. It is seamless, well run, super guest friendly and convenient. A Disney cruise is a unique experience. It is supremely kid centric. It caters well to adults and provides everything a family could possibly need or want while on board. A Disney cruise is incredible! A Disney cruise is wild ! But a Disney cruise requires special mummy planning powers, super human foresight and  unrelenting energy to endure. There are Disney Cruise Mummys out there who are hard core warriors. These Disney Cruise Mummys rival Martha Stewart. They are serious crafters decorating, bedazzling and personalizing their stateroom doors. They know ahead that there is a website where you can order customized magnets, door decorations and other Disney stuff. They know you can even get family t shirts made ahead of time. Check it out at or

Mummy is no Martha Stewart


The all important Lanyard

Disney Cruise Mummys are organized enough to bring lanyards, not only to display buttons and pins collected, but to keep cruise keys safe. Nothing is more irritating than , ” “MOMMA, WHERE’S MY KEY ???” 1000 times a day, apart from having to buy lanyards on the ship.




Speaking of buying disney paraphernalia, Disney cruise mummys  get into the spirit of it all, shopping for and wearing Minnie ears as a point of pride, before breakfast and beyond. The ones with sequins are superior and confer extra special Disney Cruise Mummy love.


Nothing says Disney love like these sparklies

Disney Cruise Mummys happily rock bikinis, tankinis and a variety of other beach casual outfits but also know that formal means just that. They come prepared  packing gowns, heels and full makeup, while Disney Cruise Dads squeeze into tuxedos without complaint. Disney Cruise Mummys also know that theme night means just that and come prepared to dress as pirates for a costume extravaganza that rivals Halloween. To avoid costume overload, Disney Cruise Mummys come prelaoded with a princess buffer zone. This allows them to embrace and absorb a shitload of  sparkle and fluffy stuff before it all gets too much! You can check out the whole princess thing right here:


Ahoy me hearties! Searching for Johnny

Disney Cruise Mummys are always mummys, but they leave their mummy rules on land. They don’t mind if their kids live on fruit loops, blue juice, pizza, hotdogs, ice-cream and cookies for the duration of the trip, after all it is vacation!!! They don’t mind if the kids are totally off schedule and don’t go to bed before 10 30pm every night because there is too much to do and too much fun to be had to waste time sleeping. Above all, Disney Cruise Mummys know that Disney is just that, time to reconnect with their inner child, their family and embrace the magic and wonder of it all. There are so many Disney Cruise Mummy Warriors out there.  I am just a foot soldier and have a lot to learn.


The Boys finally meet Minnie

The challenge is on ladies…. If you want a great vacation and can embrace your inner energizer bunny crafty dress up and have fun mummy selves, Disney is for you !



  1. Love the blog!
    Great fun along with insight and helpful, practical tips. As an “older Mummy”, I have walked in those shoes and am glad to see someone articulate some of the foibles as well as the perks involved in the voyage of parenting.
    Keep writing!

    • Thanks so much June.Yes,being an older Mummy has so many advantages but not without pitfalls and pressures too … it is, as you say, a voyage !

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